Lost And Found

I suspect I’m my worst enemy when it comes to travelling. Okay, maybe not ‘suspect’. I am sure I am. Because when I set my heart on finding something, say a particular sight or a recommended restaurant / cafe  or whatever, I have to find it. This dogged determination and tenacity has served me well on a few occasions (for example, new discoveries, experiences or even meeting new people) and of course, caused frustration on others.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have got lost trying to find that “off-the-beaten-track” attraction. I know what you must be thinking right now. You are either nodding your head in agreement or snarling at me in disgust. Perhaps, that’s why I find travelling alone easier. The time is yours to use it the way you want it. And if it means getting lost trying to find your favourite restaurant, my blistered feet are the only ones complaining.

Getting lost is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, I discover something really cool and fascinating, and the rewards and sense of achievement I feel justify the sores on my feet.  Sometimes, getting lost is a way of finding what you want in life. The thing is, people nowadays are too afraid to get ‘lost’. Getting lost is like making a mistake. And in today’s society, making mistakes is a weakness, a flaw, something that makes people sigh and shake their heads. It’s imperative for these people to know what is going to happen 5 years from now, 5 hours from now, and in extreme cases, 5 minutes from now.

To this day, I still find myself getting lost in Seoul on many occasions. I get off at the wrong station.   I amble along blind alleys, wander around inconspicuous neighbourhoods and trudge along dirt tracks. Sometimes, I walked till my bladders threatened to burst. Getting lost is not always fun. But if getting lost helps you find your direction in life, I think it’s worth the trouble from time to time.  LS


3 thoughts on “Lost And Found

  1. beautiful pictures! i can sit with you for hours on a coffee shop and just listen to your misadventures. there’s a magic about traveling alone that makes up for all the challenges. it’s liberating and i think you are very brave for it, and for chasing after life in this manner. i am so happy i found you in your blog! you are doing a great job.


    • Haha thank you very much! I’m glad you are one of those who would nod in agreement! Hahaha…if u do visit Singapore, just give me a holler! Hopefully I won’t bore you to death…😃


      • lost is how travelers go, don’t they? while planning is great, allowing for things to just happen is way better, am sure you’d agree. oh wow, thank you. i might just hold you to that!


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