Nous sommes unis

The Eiffel Tower Paris

I’m sorry for going on such a long hiatus. And to be honest, it could have been longer if not for what happened in the wee hours of yesterday morning. I woke up to the shocking news of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

I’m sure many of you out there feel as indignant as me. Whether you hate or love Paris (or Parisians or the French) for that matter – one thing is certain! This is not an attack on Paris, or the French per se. It is an attack on humanity.

An attack caused by a collective of monsters. A group of cowards who hide behind masks and machetes and machine guns. Scums! Idiots! Bloody s***heads!

You who fight so hard for your cause, are alienating your fellow brothers and sisters in Islam.

You who claim to uphold the name of Islam through your acts, have instead succeeded in smearing its name even further.

You who call upon the name of Allah, to justify every despicable act you commit, will burn in Hell for eternity!

You who cry for blood and spill the blood of others, will yourselves be slain in cold blood. And no one will give a s*** if it happens, when it happens, and how it happens.

You who seek to spread fear through your acts of intimidation, have instead strengthened our resolve to rid the world of this malevolent scourge.

Today we stand in solidarity with the Parisians. And together we grieve, we pray and we unite. No forces of evil shall enshroud the City of Lights, nor diminish its lustre.

Nous sommes unis

View from the Eiffel 4

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