Feels Like Home

DSC07960Every major Japanese city boasts of some tower of sorts, the kind that gives you an adrenaline shot when zipping skywards in their shinkansen-esque elevator. Fukuoka is no exception. Standing at 234 metres, the city’s sentinel, the Fukuoka Tower is all gleaming blue glass, and looks like a slender glass shard from far. And if you visit at 7 p.m., you get to witness a dazzling lights display. Take a leisurely stroll along the Momochi Seaside Park (シーサイドももち, Shīsaido Momochi) and enjoy some lovely evening snaps.

As I took in a 360 degrees view of the city skyline, I thought about my experiences here over the past few days, and what this city meant to me. Many people see Fukuoka as nothing more than a transit hub (like a ‘Frankfurt’ of sorts), a base from which to explore the Kyushu region. “Functional Fukuoka”, some may say. True, Fukuoka may not have the diversity of attractions that Tokyo boasts of, or the cultural richness that Kyoto exudes. Yet, Fukuoka combines a cosmoplitan vibe with the laid-back charm of a coastal city. It’s a curious mix that makes a city-dweller like me feel, almost, at home.  LS


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